How to manage customer reviews – Rich Reviews


This document will contain steps needed to manage reviews left on your website through Rich Reviews plug-in. By the end you should be able to log into your website, access the Rich Review plug-in menu, approve & delete reviews. This is intended for individuals across multiple skill and knowledge levels; please feel free to skip or re-read as needed.

Log Into Website:

Go to your website URL login link.

User your website administrative USERNAME and PASSWORD. This should have been provided to you by your website development team.

example login url screen shot
example log in url
example login screen shot

Access the Rich Review plug-in:

Find “Rich Review” in the menu located on the left side of the screen (desktop).

Click on “Rick Review”

This will open the Rich Review plug-in on your screen.

menu screen shot

Managing Reviews:

Approve reviews on your site

Navigate to the Rich Review menu item named “Pending Reviews”

You will see a number notification with the number of pending reviews on top of the menu label. Only if you have reviews waiting for approval.

Click on the review of choice by selected in in the list

Click Approve and Save

Delete reviews on your site

Navigate to the “Rich Reviews” plug-in menu.

Click on the “Approved Reviews” menu item.

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