Website – Design & Development – ULTIMATE KIT (includes SEO)

We provide all the required website services supporting the development of all listed website components.  All items will be delivered to customers digitally upon completion. This kit includes everything in the Website and SEO – Premium Kit plus additional features listed in product description

(for more details see product description)

  • 1 Domain Name (free)
  • Secure Hosting (free)
  • 16 Pages
  • Premium ​SEO
  • Frequent Maintenance
  • Premium Website Analytics
  • ​Security Monitoring
  • Blog Option
  • E-Commerce Option
  • Continuous Premium SEO Improvement



Website – Design & Development – ULTIMATE KIT (includes SEO)


Website and Search Engine Optimization design and development services provided by daptex.  All final items will be digitally delivered to customers upon completion.  This kit includes everything to get your business and brand growing online.


Core Features

1X Free Domain Purchase (if required)
Secure Website Hosting + SSL
Security Monitoring and Maintenance
Performance Level: Grade A(98+)
100% Mobile Optimized Design
16+ pages
20+ stock images
25 images enhancement
New Content Limit: 500 words per page
Content Optimization Limit: 1500 words per page

On Going Features

24/7 Daptex Customer Support
24/7 Daptex Technical Support
3X Daptex Tech Team Consultations (Sessions (30 min each) or Service Tickets)
Website Performance Audits
4X SEO Audit Report per month
Website Traffic Reporting 4 per month
Website Maturity (New Design Upgrade) every 9 Months

Blog Features

Blog General Design and Development
Blog Integration (same domain, subdomain)
Blog Post templates design and development
Blog Community Features (commenting, liking, reader accounts, ect.)
Blog Memberships, Subscriptions

eCommerce and Online Store Features

Fully Integrated ECommerce Online Store
ECommerce Store Pages – Design and Development
ECommerce Products Pages – Design and Development
ECommerce Product/Item – Setup and Configuration (50 items)
Ecommerce Shopping Cart(s)
Ecommerce customer accounts
Ecommerce point of sale
Ecommerce online payments
Shopping Cart
Sell Unlimited Products
Accept Donations
Point of Sale
Customer Accounts
Analytics for E-Commerce solutions
Online Payments Integration (PayPal, Stripe)

Website Integrations for Growth

6x Account Options:
Integration with Google workspace(s)
Integration with HubSpot or other CRMs
Integration with Payment Gateways
Integration with Google Analytics
Integration Link Social Media Feeds(Instagram, Facebook, others)
Integration with Social Media Publishing

Website Add-on Modules

5X Options:
Website Style Guide Designer Page
Social Media Post Template Creator
Landing Page Creator
Company Brand Email Sender
Embedded Customer Website Analytics Dashboard
Custom feature requested by brand owner


SEO Audit Health Check and Audit Report – 4x

SEO – Level 1 (Structure, Technical, Performance, Mobile, etc.)
* Keyword Research and Analysis
* Website Structure & Architecture Optimization
SEO – Level 2 (On Page, On Site, and Off Site )
* Competitor Analysis (Keywords, SEO, Backlinks, Website, Web Presence)
* Website Content to Keyword/Phrase Alignment
* Website Reviews Integrations
SEO – Level 3 (Backlink Building and Ongoing Content)
* Regular Content – Landing Pages Creator
* Regular Content – Blog Post Creator
* Website Health Checks, Audits, and Reports


  1. You complete your purchase and receive Order Confirmation Emails
  2. Order confirmation email includes link to Product Questionnaire #1:
    a) Complete the Product Questionnaire #1 
  3. (optional) Schedule “Product On-Boarding Consultation” meeting to review details of PRODUCT QUESTIONAIRE #1 with a consultant
  4. Delivery Steps:
    • Meeting/Demo 1: Product Design – Daptex team will draft mockups and review completed design concepts 
    • Meeting/Demo 2: Product Functionality- Final Drafts will be reviewed and approved by you
    • Meeting/Demo 3: Product Delivery – Final products and services are compiled, formatted, & delivered to you

(Optional) Some daptex products can be phased out as they are completed, which is a preferred method by many clients. You will be presented with this plan and opportunity for your solution after step #4.

Estimated delivery time can range from 6 days to 6 weeks. Exact dates for delivery time are not available. Delivery time is subject to customer engagement, customer vision, industry data, functionality choices, brand maturity, peak season availability, and more.


You will be sent an email with a questionnaire that will capture all the details we need from you.  Alternatively, a representative will reach out to you between 1-2 business days, to either review your questionnaire, or complete it on the call.

There is no need to prepare, but here are a few things you can think about:

  1. What is the name, address, phone number, and other general information for your brand?
  2. What does/will your brand do?
  3. Why does your brand do or offer this?
  4. How is it different from other brands? How is it the same?
  5. What do you expect to accomplish with your brand? In the near future? Long term?
  6. What colors, shapes, textures, sounds, and other artistic or abstract things represent your brand? 

You will receive an email with a link to all digital assets and files.

The link will include full access to all the branding documents and files; saved in all the required industry standard formats.  If there are any file format(s) you request that are not included, you will be able to request at any time. Files will be available for download and use as necessary.

There are multiple layers of protection for both your brand and our company. Our payment processing gateways such as Paypal and Stripe both include top line protection.  Daptex LLC will always strive to satisfy our customers with our service and products. We work to bring top level service which is lead by our reputation.

If you wish to cancel this order you will receive a 50% refund. Daptex products and services are not fully refundable. Full refunds are not available. Thank you for your understanding.

Applies to subscription products and services only.  All Daptex Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled without any penalty with a 30 day notice. There are no contracts, no termination fees. Just 30 day notice before your scheduled payment date. Thank you.